Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Content Curation: Gluten-Free Recipes for the Asian Palate

My Twin Nephews, Emmanuel and Christian, with Filipinas Magazine Achievement Awards' Honoree, Dante Basco, and Yours Truly, in 2007

July 20, 2011

Here is something I will enjoy sharing with my twin nephews, Christian and Emmanuel, this summer. I'm their cooking coach! In other words, I started off their dinner preparations by not going through recipe books but by looking at what ingredients were available in the refrigerator and pantry.

My research and development mindset (kicked in by my first commercial baking recipes when I was 15 years old at our bakeshop in Cebu City, Sally's Home Bake Shop) is somehow helping them discover "outside the box" paradigms by knowing a few basic scientific principles about cooking, then working through healthy lifestyle choices.

I am hopeful that by the time they go back to their respective colleges, their last lessons will be about how to shop and stock the pantry and refrigerator, how to use coupons, cooking and baking measurements, how to read recipes, and document their cooking experiments.

I remember the first time they saw how much suet we extracted from boiling two pounds of beef spare ribs (more than a half cup! For now, I'm enjoying having them taste and suggest herbs and spices for their own versions of Fried Rice, Baked Chicken Wings, Honey-Baked Lean Beef Spare Ribs, Mongo Soup, Puspas (or Arroz Caldo), Bam-i, and other simple Asian cuisine. I also made the twins promise me that they will refer to this blog so some of my words will help them discover their own magical touch in healthy foods.

Today, it's all about salads for dinner.

In the meantime, I'm preparing for Lauren's arrival in the USA. She asked me for gluten-free recipes. Here they are!

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