Friday, September 7, 2007

Two Steps Back

7:30 a.m. - 183

Yesterday, I was bad! Not only did I polish off a bag of Calbee chips, a 1/2 bag of dates (heaven!), and had my Mung Bean & Bake Tofu Saute for breakfast and lunch, I succumbed to the social networking madness called "Eating Out After A Dinner Meeting."

Jack and Cecille Hontiveros had been inviting me for the past six months to check out the YTB (Your Travel Business) business opportunity --- so I finally did go with them to a presentation last night. Of course, Cecille and I just had to eat the new Florentine Spinach Crepes with Hollandaise Sauce at IHOP before the meeting.

The travel "bug" is here, my friends, especially for the "baby boomers." Thus, I hope to refer some of my friends who might be open to checking out this "referring travel agent" internet-based business (a publicly-held company) for its travel benefits and tax advantages --- among other reasons. Since I have a travel booking engine at my, I look at this YTB business as an opportunity for me to study what internet marketing techniques work for non-techies.

After the meeting, we ate at Tribu Grill for the ultimate homestyle Filipino cuisine, the stuff I haven't eaten in a long, long time. Think about Cold Eggplant Salad, Sizzling Bangus (Milkfish) Belly, and Lechon Kawali (Pan-Roasted Pork) with Liver Sauce. And Puto Bumbong for dessert!

Madness, I'm telling you, for someone with Diabetes Type 2!

Today, I'm contrite. I should have had just one slice of the Puto Bumbong. Or, why couldn't I just be contented with 22 Calbee chips or five pieces of dates?

It's Salad time for me. And lots and lots of veggies for the next couple of days.

I also have a couple of books I want to share with you --- that's been gathering dust on the bookshelf. Now, it's on top of my bedside table. That's progress, don't you think?

1. American Diabetes Association Complete Guide to Diabetes, 4th edition - the ultimate home reference from the Diabetes experts
2. The Calorie King "Fat & Carbohydrate Counter," 2007 colour edition - highly recommended by my Kaiser Permanente nutritionist

I'll share some of the tidbits that I've learned at another time.

I must go and find something to eat. Salad, remember?

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